Patrick Orbéra, fifties, is a former football glory that has totally missed the conversion. Unemployed, alcoholic and ruined, he does not even have the right to see his daughter Laura. Forced by a judge to find a stable job, he has no other choice but to leave on a small Breton island, to train the local football team. If they win the next 3 games, they gather enough money to save the cannery on the island, went into receivership, and which employs half the population. Patrick Orbéra is immediately confronted with a major obstacle: turn fishermen into quasi-professional footballers. He decides to call his former teammates to help raise the little Breton club among the great ..
Original title:  Les seigneurs

Year: 2012

Country: France

Director: Olivier Dahan

Script: Philippe de Chauveron, Marc de Chauveron, Olivier Dahan, Isaac Sharry

Music: Guillaume Roussel

Photography: Alez Lamarque

Producer: Vito Films

GENRE: Comedia